Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June 10/2015

Oh my goodness... I bet you all thought I fell off the face of the earth, because I have not posted for so long. Sorry about that, but I have been super busy. I know Bonnie, Shayna, and Sheila what you are thinking, how can you be so busy because I don't even have to clean my house there are cleaners supplied to me for that. But honestly I have been busy, sewing,  quilting, cross stitching and a new craft to my list is hardanger, it is a Norwegian embroidery for those of you who do not know what the heck I am talking about. 
Grant and I have done some poking around Geoje area, we even took our car out once for a little tour. It is very scary driving here, and the basic rule is if it is bigger than you get the heck out of the way of it. The other thing is warning flashers may mean: 
- I am turning left or right
- I am parking in the middle of the road to run into the corner store to pick something up
- it also means Thank you
- it also could mean I am merging 
so you see it is a very big challenge here to drive, and if you are in a accident all parties take blame and have to pay, even if you were not at fault.

Grant and I also went back to Canada on the 15th of May and returned on the 4th of June. We were at home for 3 days then left on a cruise with my Auntie Ann and Uncle Stewart, also my Mom and Dad. We flew up to Fairbanks Alaska and did a 5 day land tour then got on the Star Princess Cruise ship and did a 7 days down the inner seaway along Alaska and BC. It was great, saw a couple of humpback whales, sea otters, sea lions, bald eagles, caribou, reindeer, musk ox and lots of other wild life including 2 legged, lol.
After arriving at Vancouver, we flew back to Edmonton for 5 days and then back on a plane to South Korea. Grant figured out we traveled something like 22,000 kilometers in 21 days. I will post pictures later because I still have to get them off the camera! Would hate to do everything at once. 

It is very hot here right now we are hitting about plus 30 everyday but the humidity is not to bad yet much more than in Canada but still bearable, in the middle of June is when monsoon season starts so we will see what happens then which is not very far away. 
So I will try and get the pictures posted by Friday, remember I have my stitching club on Thursdays to go to. See you all :)

Saturday, March 21, 2015

First trip into Busan

Hello everyone! Hope you all are fine, we are good. So Grant and I went on our first trip into Busan on Saturday, we first caught the bus across the street from our apartment and rode it into the subway station.

This is the Sinpyeong Station, which has many different stops on it and matches up to 3 different subway lines. Man it was confusing at first for this country gal, but I got how to ride these things now!

                                                                                                                                             Across from the subway station we see what looked like a Lego store. We had to take a picture, everyone loves Lego!


They were unloading a truck that was full of theLego containers
So we went into the station and caught the subway down to Napon Station, when we got off and came up to ground leave what a different site. The roads were down in a cobble stone, it was really insteresting.

We followed this road and ended up going to a enterance of this park. It is the one with what looks kind of like a tent over a walkway.


We had to ride a escalator going up to the top, it was very steep, because you have to remember very thing is built on a side of a mountain!

 This is part way up, the Korean people stop a bow to this Budda. After getting all the up to the top we stopped at the washrooms, this is the toilets we had to use, same ones in both male and female washrooms! Well girls no worries if the toilet seat was peed on! 

This picture is a tower in the middle of the park and you can go to the top of it and see amazing sites. The pictures below are some of the sites you can see.

There is so many housing buildings, but when you have a country with people you need lots of apartments. 

This statue was by the one building when we came out

A temple with a huge bell in it

I tried to get Grant to go ring the bell but he would not do it!

When we were on our way home the bus driver was very scarey to be in the bus with, he was talking on his phone, eating a orange, having coffee and driving the bus in flip flops, as well as we ran two red lights and did 115 Kim's in a 30 km zone! We were surprized we made it home!

Monday, March 9, 2015

P.O.W. Camp

Well how have you all been? We have been good, not really doing to much, but we have been busy. We went and applied for our Alien of registration cards. Yes we are now confirmed we are ALIENS, lol. Last Sunday we went to the persioner of war camp for the Korean War. It was very interesting, and I learnt lots there on what happened, and it is hard to believe that South Korea was just about totally flattened and when you see it today with all the buildings you would never think of it that way. This war started in 1950 so really it was not that long ago. I do have lots of pictures so here we go!

This is Fernado, he works with Grant here, the funny part Ferndo also work with Grant at Conklin and they did not know they were both coming here. Ferndo has a vehicle here already, but he has been here longer than us, and he lives in the same set of apartment buildings as us, so we paid for supper and Fernado paid for the gas, good deal I think.😄

This what they had to use as the bathroom, then the p.o.w.'s had to carry out the remains. As seen in the next picture.
This is some of the actual reminds of some of the buildings

Another thing we learnt was the p.o.w. Had better meals and accommodation then the ones in the field out fighting. I feel that is so sad in one way that the South Korenans treated their prisoners better than what they could provided to their soliders.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Hello all my Family and Friends!!
Sorry I have not posted anything for a couple of days, but not a lot of new adventures to tell you about.
But I do have a very exciting one to tell you today! Grant and I got to move into our new apartment on Wednesday Feb 25, 2015. I though I died and went to heaven, it was so nice to get out of the hotel. Now I can cook, do laundry, and even sit on a couch!! Ya I know who would ever be excited to sit on a couch, but when you do not have something that is when you appreciate it.
Anyhow let me tell you about our apartment(Sorry for some of the pictures are a little blurry but I tried my best for you):

This is the entry into our apartment, and along the wall is closet space(all shelving on this side)

This of coarse is the other side with a small walk in closet

Sorry very blurry but you can make it out somewhat

just a different angle of the same closet

The entry goes into this hall way. The entry is the door way on the right side, straight ahead is the main bathroom, the far doorway by the bathroom is the spare bedroom and the close doorway(which you can barely see) is the office(which will of coarse be my sewing room as well!!!)

This is in the main bathroom

the rest of the tub

the bathrooms are quite small here, and the floors in the bathrooms are not heated. All the buildings are heated by floor heat.

Now we are in the spare bedroom, and the closets all have organizers in them.

They put in shelving and closets in very space available

Nice big windows in all the rooms. And remember I do have a spare room for you who would like to come, it will cost you to stay though a tin of Timmie's coffee grounds!

So now this will be the office/ sewing room

We had asked for a second desk for my sewing machine to go on, and with no problems they provided it for me.

So now we are standing in the living room and the doorway on the left was the hallway we just left in above pictures, straight ahead is the master bedroom and there is a pocket door on the right side that goes into the kitchen.

different view in the living room, and you can see the first hallway entry I showed you 

Our couch and chair are leather, and they are a navy blue. You can see the living room, dining room are kind of one room, which blend into the kitchen.

This is taking from the kitchen

You can see the pocket door I was talking about earlier.

And this is from the pocket door view, Off on the right side towards the water cooler is a doorway which leads into the laundry room.

This is my laundry room and the small room behind it is called a fire room, this is if  there is a fire and we can not get out we go to this room and close the door( which is fire proof) and open the window and the fire fighters will get us out of there. Cross my fingers and pray to God we never need to use it.
The washer is a washer/dryer combo, let me tell you never to buy one, they are horrible it takes 4 hours to do one load of laundry and that was not a heavy load. We do have a room for hanging up our clothes to dry them as well which I used, but after being in the hotel for so long I had a ton of dirty clothes to get done and the hanging room was full!!

This is the hanging room and it is just off of our master bedroom. There is a hanger rack that comes down from the ceiling and then we also have a clothes rack. You have to open the window because it gets very humid in there and being winter time right now it takes for ever to dry clothes. You can also see that there are a set of patio doors between the drying room and our bedroom.

this is a view from the drying room

when it is not full of clothes you can see lots from here

This of coarse is the master bedroom

we have a small vanity in between the closet and the bathroom

it also has little cupboards under the counter top,  I need to buy a small chair for here.

This is our walk in closet

the master bathroom, and a kick ass shower let me tell you!!

different view

And had to take a picture of this, can you see these two red necks using a bidet!! Well all the toilets here have this fancy bum washing thing. And to boot the seat is even heated, can you believe that all I can think of is wouldn't our Grandparents and some of our parents loved to have one of these in the outhouse on a cold winter day! LOL 

Well I think that's all for today I need to take some more pictures and post how 
electronic this apartment is, its something else and I'm still trying to figure out how to turn lights on and off!